Clash Royale Is Deleting Its First Card And Replacing It With Something New


Balance is everything in multiplayer games, and pushing players to earn/buy new cards is a big part of games with loot boxes and microstransactions. Clash Royale checks both of those boxes, and for the game’s 10th season, developer Supercell is removing a card to make room for another. Heal Spell, which debuted in 2017, will no longer be in decks in a few days.

Taking its place is a new card called Heal Spirit, which has the same movement speed, hit points, and general design as the ice spirit, but when it explodes, it delivers a powerful burst of healing. Supercell says it produces total healing of 181 percent, which is far more powerful than the Heal Spell.

The game’s 10th season also brings a new tower skin, emotes, and arena. To learn more about how the Heal Spirit came online, check out Supercell’s fun announcement video.

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